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Our service

We offer a solution to the existing complexity in the private healthcare system, optimising the relationship between medical service providers (hospitals, clinics, surgeries...), and the multiple health insurers or mutual health insurance companies.

We are specialists

In connecting the health and insurance sectors, optimising processes and converting the data transmitted into information for better decision making.

We make technology and innovation accessible in the massive processing of transactions, with a personalised service.

In helping our customer on a day-to-day basis, allowing them to use the most innovative technological tools in a simple way.

Adding value

Reducing the administrative burden


We provide medical service providers with a personalised, technology-based service that reduces the administrative burden, improving efficiency, productivity and control.

We are a hub platform

We complement and reinforce the clinical management systems on the market, providing them with an intelligent hub platform to connect to, in order to optimise and manage the transactions of medical acts to multiple insurers.


We ensure service conditions


Our service enables the complex traceability that guarantees compliance with the financial and service conditions agreed between the parties.

Complementary to all management systems

We are complementary to all clinical management systems on the market, allowing them to connect with the insurance world in a simple and robust way, working together with them, without the need for changes.

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Linking with value

For more information about our innovative technological service, please contact us.

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