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Solving the complexity of communication between clinics or hospitals and health insurance companies.

We automate, standardise and optimise your business processes.

Are the processes between the centre and the insurance heterogeneous and complex?

SEOGA, through its service, concentrates all communications under a single interface and simplifies the processes in the areas of admission, administration and management.

Multiple information that is difficult to control?

SEOGA centralises and standardises all the information, facilitating control and decision-making based on it.

SEOGA concentrates, standardises and automates workflows, reducing the administrative burden and converting data into useful information for decision-making.

We work directly with the main hospital groups and insurance companies in the Spanish market.

We have successfully implemented these improvement processes in Spain. In the last year:

Bringing value to more than 750 clients

Processed and optimised information for more than 850,000,000€.

Managed the activity of more than 3,000,000 policyholders.

SEOGA is in the process of internationalisation in order to transfer its knowledge and service values to the market in your country.


Linking with value

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